yes good yes very good yes

Ugh YES.

i just cant believe she gets money with rapping about stupid hoes and repeating words. I dont believe this is so called music.

oh look someone reblogged my goddamn video link to make some stupid ass comments with nothing interesting to say or discuss or compare or contrast just someones own goddamn opinion based on nothing but their own opinion as to what they think is MUSIC

dont give me that stupid fucking ‘oh i cant believe dis is called music’ bullshit either. thats what people said about jazz music in the 30’s and 40’s, thats what people said about rock music in the 50’s and 60’s, and people have been saying rap =/= music since the late 70’s/early 80’s. yes shes making a beat about a stupid hoe, and yes it is completely socially unacceptable to call someone that. but this is her art and its apart of who she is as a person. it isnt mandated that it be shoved down your throat and socially acceptable to like it. as clearly stated some people dont. and thats okay! but that doesnt make its value as art go up or down.

no shes not mozart, but if she was just someone else trying to fit in with a suffocating standard of proprietary that’d be a lie to herself and it wouldnt make her art interesting. art is a god complex, and people make it to feel like they are in control and have an understanding of their world, and when they share it it shows a history of the kind of world they see and lived through their own eyes. those who are exceptional at conducting orchestras are just as much musicians and artists as those who are exceptional at making socially innappropiate (but catchy as hell) raps, and one of those exceptional artists is nicki minaj

bow down to our sonja overlord

you could be the king, but watch sonja conquer.

reminds me of Keisha Fabo

I love Nicki Minaj. I love how intentionally weird and over the top she is, I love how graphic (as in graphic design) her style is, and I love how much fun she has with her work. It’s great!